Why You May Need Comprehensive Coverage

Why You May Need Comprehensive Coverage

Mr. Evans is the neighborhood grump. He’s always mad. If your grass is too long, he’ll bother you about it until it’s taken care of. You’ll never hear the end of his wrath if your dogs do their business on his lawn. If the kids are playing too close to his driveway, he’ll come out kicking and screaming to get them the h*** away from his lawn. You don’t want to mess with anything owned by or around Mr. Evans.

There’s a couple of neighborhood troublemakers that go by the names of Will and James. This pair holds a grudge against him from the time they were playing by his lawn. Out comes Mr. Evans, and the boys ran home, so afraid of the old man that they wet themselves. The neighborhood girls pointed and giggled at them, and the embarrassment haunted Will and James in their dreams.

One night Will and James came knockin’ on Mr. Evans’ door. . . his car door, that is. They waited until Mr. Evans was out of town with family. One evening, the boys decided to get back at him by sneaking into their mother’s refrigerator to grab a dozen of eggs. They stood by his car throwing the eggs at Mr. Evans’ car as hard as they could, one by one. “Take that!” they whispered.

A few days later Mr. Evans got home. Livid was an understatement for how Mr. Evans felt.

As the yolks sat on his car, the paint deteriorated, ruining the cars entire exterior.

“Jokes on them,” he thought, “I’ve been wanting a new paint job.”

It’s a good thing Mr. Evans had comprehensive coverage on his vehicle.

No one condones this type of behavior, but is a realistic scenario that could happen to any of us.

What is comprehensive coverage?

This insurance covers damages from incidents that are not collisions.

Including. . .

  1. Natural Disasters. e., tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, fire, floods
  2. Hitting or being hit by a deer or other animal
  3. i.e., egging, keying
  4. Theft
  5. Cracked/broken windows


This coverage is optional, but these things happen. It’s important to have coverage to prevent the potential, outrageous damage and/or replacement costs of your vehicle.

By: KayLynn

Be Confidently Insured.


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