The Joys of Fall

The Joys of Fall

You know that first day you step outside, and get bitten by the air? It’s chilly, almost too cold for shorts. That’s the moment you realize. . . Summer’s truly over. It’s fall.

Now, before you fall into depression, think about how wonderful this season really is.

Here’s a reminder of all the beautiful things that happen during the fall.

  • The trees become artwork. What a masterpiece that Mother Nature paints for us in the fall. With yellows similar to sunshine, bright burgundy, dark forest greens, and browns, we have a wonderful beauty to gaze upon as the leaves start to fall.
  • There is a childlike delight that comes from piling and jumping into the fallen leaves. Parents are lucky to have the ability to partake in the children’s joy of jumping into the leaves. What a wonderful thing as a child to jump and free fall onto a cushion of safety. Honestly, who says you have to be a child to do this? With enough leaves, anyone can!
  • The pleasant sound of the crunch of the leaves. I don’t know about you, but to me, leaves crunching sounds like the music of nature. It’s so lovely to hear.
  • The distinct smell of fall, coming from the fallen leaves.
  • The taste of pumpkin is like tasting gratitude. Pumpkin brings me back to being a child on Thanksgiving, which brings on the feeling of gratitude. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin seeds, what a delicious seasonal fruit!
  • Not only do we spend time eating pumpkin, but we also get to carve them, too. Carving pumpkins can be quite the activity. While it’s fun for the kids, it can become a competition for the adults. It’s also a form of art. Putting a candle in the middle and illuminating your artwork is an awesome feeling. Who can make the spookiest Jack-o-Lantern this Halloween?
  • Halloween is for candy. If you’re lucky, you can borrow some candy from your kids while they’re at school.
  • It’s so adorable to see your kids dressed up for Halloween. But better yet, dress up with your spouse to get a hoot out of the day. Try to think of a funny costume, or try to look identical to a certain Halloween isn’t just fun for the kids.
  • Though the weather is chilly, it isn’t too frosty yet. This is a happy-medium between the summer’s sweaty heat and the winter’s freezing cold. Fall is a great time to go outdoors and hike, checking out the changing leaves.
  • It’s cozy. Get out your fuzziest blankets and socks. Light a candle and cuddle on the couch.

Make the most of this fall, enjoying every minute. Live in the present and think of all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.

By: KayLynn P.

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