Modern Antiques

Modern Antiques

Modern Antiques

It seems both time and technology are speeding up, creating some seemingly instant antiques around the house. You do not even have to be that old to appreciate some of the classic technology that has passed us by. Here is a quick look at some modern antiques you may have around the house.

Scientific Calculators

Calculators, for sure, but scientific calculators, in particular, became critical if you were taking any form of advanced math in high school. They weren’t cheap either, often exceeding $100 at the time. Now you might find them in the dollar box at a garage sale.


It seemed like a minute when we went from VHS tapes to DVDs to BlueRay Discs to digital downloads. While many families still enjoy their favorites on discs, and they certainly are still being sold in stores, demand has been waning.

Stand-Alone GPS Devices

When GPS devices for consumers debuted, they were the size of a smartphone, yet all they did was give directions. But they quickly became a necessity, replacing maps. Then GPS began being included in smartphones, replacing the stand-alone GPS. Such is the circle of life.

Tube TVs and Computer Monitors

The problem with old TVs and computer monitors is that they worked too well and were almost indestructible. Many were replaced before their useful life was complete with flat screens. Odds are, if you have one or two around the house, they will still power up.

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