Steps to Better Secure Your Bricks and Mortar Business

Steps to Better Secure Your Bricks and Mortar Business

Steps to Better Secure Your Bricks and Mortar Business

So much attention is being paid today on conducting business virtually, digitally and online, it is easy to forget about the number of bricks and mortar businesses that are still being conducted on Main Street America. These are the small businesses that contribute to local taxes, school districts, charitable efforts and civic improvements.

While online security protecting digital assets is critical, it remains important to secure bricks and mortar businesses. Here are steps you can take to better secure your physical business location.


It may sound basic but protecting your business through obvious security signage can be very effective. Signs that indicate “You May Be Under Surveillance”, “Protected By Video Camera Systems” and “Property Is Monitored by 24/7 Video Security” can be effective. Deterring criminal activity is key and letting unwanted visitors know you may be watching can be extremely effective.

Video Camera Systems

Of course, while signage is important, so is backing it up with actual security systems. Today, video security is less expensive than ever. Explore video camera systems to best fit your needs. They can range from 24/7 monitored systems to in-house video systems with video captured on hard drives or in the “cloud”.

Nuts and Bolts Security

One of the best ways to provide security for your bricks and mortar business is to enhance the physical security of your location. This means deadbolts, steel doors, increased window locking systems, security glass and more. As a business owner, if you can think of a way to enter your building if you forgot your keys, so will a thief. Make your physical building as impossible to enter as you can.

Don’t Ignore Digital Weak Links

While physical aspects like door and window locks, video cameras and exterior lighting can enhance security, don’t forget those simple in-house issues that can create security issues. Make sure employee pass codes are changed frequently, don’t leave passwords on post-it notes on computer screens and educate staff on online security issues like phishing. Even the most diligent security efforts can be thwarted by a moment of indiscretion.

Of course, the best way to protect your bricks and mortar business is through sufficient business insurance. Contact one of our independent insurance agents to discuss your specific business and your risks. We look forward to protecting your business as cost-effectively as possible.

Be Confidently Insured.


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