New Friend Day

New Friend Day

It rings true that as we get older, our circle of friends gets tighter. Interests change, priorities are different, families are growing. You lose touch with people you thought you’d be close with forever. But that doesn’t mean we lose the need for companionship; for someone to laugh with, vent to, and to meet for lunch sometimes.

Friendships are beneficial for us both physically and emotionally. Believe it or not, even science proves that friendships are beneficial to our wellbeing. Some research proves that friendship is the key to a longer life. We’re aging and wishing life didn’t move so quickly. We could be making friends to extend our lives, instead.

How do you make friends as an adult? It was so much easier when we were in school surrounded by people our age. We knew who shared our interests simply based on who was on our basketball team. However, as adults, if we realize how helpful friends are, we can make it a priority to expand our circle.

Why are friends one of life’s essentials?

● Friends provide support through tribulations.
● They offer encouragement when we are experiencing self-doubt.
● They can boost our self-esteem and remind us of our importance and worth.
● They help keep you active when you feel like being a couch potato.
● They simply keep you company when you’d rather not be alone.

How can we strive to make more friends as adults?

1. Resurface past connections. If you’ve grown apart from someone you used to get along with really well, try to reconnect.
2. Join activities that you’re interested in. Research local activities. Get involved. Making friends can be easy because you know everyone there shares that specific interest.
3. Break open your shell. You’ve got to find your confidence to be outgoing. Talk to other people with the intention of making friends.
4. Ask others about themselves. Getting people to open up to you makes both of you more vulnerable. This is the perfect foundation for building a friendship.
5. Work events. If your work has a meeting, start making things personal with coworkers. Step out of your comfort zone and invite someone to grab drinks after hours someday.

Before you know it, your circle of friends can be as big as it was when you were in school. You can start having your group over for get-togethers, going to the movies or lunch, having game nights. This can greatly improve your quality of life. Blossoming friendships make for a longer, happier, and healthier life.

By: KayLynn P.

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