The Risks of Renting

The Risks of Renting

The Risks of Renting

There are plenty of good reasons to rent living space as opposed to buying. Renting can be more economical on a variety of levels, and for those who want to keep their options open, renting is a better choice. There is less maintenance when renting and apartments often have amenities like pools and fitness centers a resident may not otherwise have access to.

If you rent, however, renters insurance is critical. You see, renting can put residents at risks they may not even be aware of.

You Are Not Covered by Your Landlord’s Insurance

Some tenants make the mistake of assuming their property will be covered by the landlord’s insurance in the event of a loss. That is just not the case. A landlord will likely have insurance to protect his interests and his property, but not those of the tenants. In a break-in, fire or other loss, your property would be uncovered without renters’ insurance.

You Are Still Liable for Visitors

When you rent, you are still liable should any visitor get injured within your living space. This includes delivery people. With more consumers taking advantage of delivery services, this is a growing risk.

Rental Properties Have More Transient Residents

The ability to move makes renting attractive. It also makes for more transient neighbors, perhaps less likely to look after you and your space.

Rental Properties May Be in Less Safe Neighborhoods

While not always true, some apartment homes and communities are in areas that are less secure than established or gated neighborhoods.

Renters insurance can cover your property and protect you from liability claims. It can also cover property while on the road. Specifics on coverage can vary from policy to policy, so contact us for details. One of the most attractive aspects of renters’ insurance is that it is exceptionally affordable.

If you are renting, discover the value, protection and peace of mind you can get from renters insurance. Contact us for your free quote today.

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