Tricks Grocery Stores Use To Get You to Spend More

Tricks Grocery Stores Use To Get You to Spend More

Tricks Grocery Stores Use To Get You to Spend More

It is no secret grocery stores are in business to sell you more. What is a secret are some of the tactics they use to accomplish their mission. Here are some of the strategies grocery stores use.

Higher Priced Items at Eye Level

Stores know you are less prone to reaching up or bending down. But that is where some of the better values are placed on the shelves.

Sale Language

Stores often use phrases like “Special”, “Featured Item”, or “Manager’s Special” to give the impression the item may be on sale. It may not be.

Sale Price Tag Colors

Some stores will use brightly colored pricing on the shelves to give the impression that something is on sale when it, in fact, may not be.

Strategic Product Placement

Stores carefully plan merchandise locations to improve sales. Staples like milk and eggs are frequently in the back of the store, and complimentary items are often placed side by side.

Misting Vegetables

Stores know that spraying fresh vegetables with water makes them appear fresher. They also increase the weight of items that are sold by the pound.

Place Individual Drink Coolers at the Front

Shopping works up a thirst, and grocery stores make a bundle by placing individual cold beverages for sale at full price near the checkouts at their stores.

Free In-Store Samples

A chip company once used the slogan, “Betcha can’t eat just one.” Grocery stores know this and are often more than willing to give you a small sample to sell a full-priced item.

Promoting Best Deals

You should pay attention to the items that get the largest space in a store’s sales flyer. This is often the best deal that may be made up on lesser-promoted items.

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