Cold Feet Coverage

Cold Feet Coverage

Are you getting married soon? Are you about to make a lifetime commitment to one person? Are you giving away your freedom and half of everything you own? Did you say “yes” just to prevent embarrassment for your significant other? Did you begin the regret your decision the minute she said “yes”? Is the thought of spending forever with one person making your cringe? We all change our mind sometimes, but weddings are expensive. You’ve already convinced Mom or Dad to put thousands of dollars into planning and all of that could get lost if you cancel the wedding. Well, worry no longer: there is a product for you.

It’s called “change of heart” insurance. While putting together your wedding insurance policy, be sure to purchase this endorsement, just in case your significant other turns into a person you no longer recognize. You’re covered whether it’s you who gets cold feet or your significant other that leaves you hangin’ at the altar. There’s insurance available to cover the person who finances the wedding, unless it’s the bride or the groom. Really, it covers anything that prevents the wedding from happening. If your DJ doesn’t show, or there’s a thunderstorm on your day of the wedding, the financer can get reimbursed for the fees you paid. You will only get paid out if you file your claim 365 days or more before the wedding, so the minute you second-guess your decision, let the financer know.

 By: KayLynn

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