How to be a Better Person…..Today.

How to be a Better Person…..Today.

How to be a Better Person…..Today.

Most people are interested in improving their lives. They want to grow their savings, get better at their jobs, and improve their homes. How about becoming a better person? Here are some steps to take to begin your journey to becoming an improved human.

Listen Twice as Much as You Talk

The world could use some really good listeners. Too many people are far too willing to share their opinions, experiences, and knowledge. In your next conversations, practice the art of asking thoughtful questions and truly listening.

Be Grateful

We can get so busy complaining that we forget about what we have or have achieved. Being grateful does not mean you should stop trying or reaching higher. It just means to take time to show gratitude along your journey.

Pay it Forward

Paying it forward or performing random acts of kindness can make you a better person while making you feel good.

Recharge Mentally and Spiritually

Most can benefit from some time alone to decompress. Take a bike ride, a walk in the woods, along the beach, or meditate in a dark, quiet room. Even a relaxing bubble bath can be rejuvenating. This is not the time to think about business or what you have to do later in the day. This is for recharging.

Reach Out-Amenities

Want to be a better person? Reach out to someone you care about but who may not know it. Maybe it’s a grandparent you don’t see often enough or a favorite aunt you’ve lost touch with. You will likely not only feel better, but you may rekindle a valuable relationship.

Intentionally Make Someone Else Feel Better

Give someone an unsolicited compliment or tell them how nice they look. It has been said that people will remember how you make them feel far longer than they will remember what you said. Intentionally make people feel good and watch the results.

Nobody is perfect, so we all can get better. Are you willing to try?

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