5 of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

5 of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

5 of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Would you risk your life for your job?

            That sounds like a crazy question. What’s crazier is that there are millions of people that do risk their lives in their line of work.

  1. Police officers. Police officers are like the shield between civilians and danger. When we are afraid of something that could potentially bring us harm, we call upon officers of the law for protection. In the midst, we forget that police officers have families and feelings, too. The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund documented 144 deaths of officers in the line of duty in the United States in 2018. Make sure you thank your local police officers for their willingness to protect the community.
  2. Delivery drivers/Semi truck drivers. Ahh, the convenience of online shopping. From the driver’s end, however, it’s not quite as convenient. It’s life-threatening. The risk of a car accident is significantly higher for someone who spends the majority of their time driving the roads. It’s one of the riskiest jobs in America.
  3. Roofers. Isn’t it such a privilege to have a roof over your family’s heads? Thank goodness for the people who know how to properly assemble a sturdy roof that can withstand storms. The roof is the highest point of the home, typically up to 12 feet tall. Framing a roof so far off the ground sounds like quite an adrenaline rush–and sounds like quite a risky job, as well. eLCOSH.com says that roughly 50 roofers die on the job annually.
  4. Fishers. A fish that’s beautifully prepared and presented on a dish in front of us does not tell of the story of how the fish ended up on your plate. The environments that fishermen face can expose them to illness due to the extreme weather conditions of the locations where they fish. It’s also possible that a fisherman can fall overboard, or the boat can sink, resulting in death. While you enjoy your salmon, think to yourself how grateful you are for the one determined enough to catch the food on your plate.
  5. Logging workers. Your house is made using trees, the paper you write on is made using trees; there are plenty of uses for the wood of trees. Loggers literally work in the treetops–only they’re not monkeys, it’s more difficult for them to climb. Environmental conditions can also put the loggers’ lives at risk. Additionally, loggers work with bulky tools and chainsaws.

By: KayLynn P.

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