10 Tips For a Smooth Move

10 Tips For a Smooth Move

10 Tips For a Smooth Move

There is no process smoother than the moving process. Relocating all of your personal belongings from one place to another is the most exciting and fulfilling way to spend your time. It’s about as stress-free and effortless as floating down a river on an inflatable tube. . . Well, maybe if that river was located in the Rocky Mountains after a drought. Moving is more comparable to tubing through a river full of large rocks with a low water level–it happens much faster than you expect, and you’ll likely feel more stressed than relaxed, as you try to avoid obstacles.

Moving isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite way to spend their extra time. However, after the complications and obstacles have passed, you’ll remember why you wanted to relocate in the first place. Once you’ve settled into your new home, you’ll receive the reward you’ve been working so hard for.

If you’re about to begin your journey of relocation, these tips could be the cushion that protects you from the unexpected “sharp rocks” of moving.

1. Timing is everything. Keep your eye on the calendar. Count down the days that remain before you must be out of your current residence. Then, make a schedule to plan out when you’ll pack certain rooms. Give yourself additional time for the rooms in your home that contain more items.

2. Make lists. Write down the important items that you’ll need right away. Pack these essentials in a separate box to keep out of the moving truck. Instead, move this box in your own vehicle. It can be fairly easy to lose track of your property during the moving process. This method can help prevent misplacing the items you’d be lost without.

3. Label everything. Keep a permanent marker within reach. Before unpacking, you’ll face the “where is my ___?” dilemma. Knowing what’s in each individual box will prevent panic when you can’t find the toilet paper when you need it most.

4. A box that is too heavy is counterproductive. You may think you’re getting your work done efficiently–until you cannot lift the box. Sometimes, smaller boxes are better. Make sure you can lift a box before taping it shut.

5. Packing boxes is a game of Tetris. Fit as many items into one box as you can. If you pack a box that is completely full but can still be lifted, you have become the Packing Pro.

6. Filter out the useless items from the practical necessities. Get rid of the items that you no longer use. Donate what you decide to part with.

7. Discover the hidden use of towels. Wrap your breakables in towels and blankets. This will help you pack more using fewer boxes (while producing less plastic waste by avoiding bubble wrap). It’s a win-win.

8. Be clever enough to ask the right places for boxes. You’d be surprised how many boxes that all businesses will recycle weekly. If you have a close friend who works in a restaurant, bar, liquor store, grocery store, etc., don’t be afraid to call them up and ask about saving a few boxes for you.

9. The game of Tetris continues. . . Pack your property into the moving truck by making use of all the space.
Pro Tip! Find a friend who has a truck to help you.

10. Remember to take a deep breath when you get overwhelmed. The challenges you face will only further glorify the completion of this transition! Be patient with the process. It’ll all be worth it!

By: KayLynn P.

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